How To Read A Wine Label: New World Style

Learn How To Read A New World Wine Label So you’ve got this “friend” who is a wine lover and you want to impress this person with a great bottle of wine, hoping to win some brownie points. You’re not wine savvy in the least, but you kind of have an idea that wine is made from grapes, maybe. You don’t just want to grab anything but there you are, standing in the wine shop looking at the wall of wines that surround you and you’re feeling a little stupid because you just don’t know what you’re looking at, let alone where to begin. No sweat. This is where you learn how to read a wine label and get to know at the very least what you’re looking at. Before we start you should know that wine labels vary from country to country with the information they carry; each country has its own set of rules as to what information has to be labeled. But you can pick up some basic wine knowledge from each country that will help you learn what’s in every bottle. To make it easy on you I will start with New World wines as these [...]