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What Are New World Wines?

new world vs old world wine

photo credit: unknown When someone says a wine is New World or mentions New World wines, they are talking about wines that come from non-traditional wine regions of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. The traditional areas are Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain with Italy and France at the forefront of the world’s […]

Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable Wine Practices

Learn About Green Viticulture Perhaps you have noticed that everyone and everything is going green. And it’s happening at the speed of commercials. We are being beaten into submission by ideas of renewable energy and sustainable crops, by hybrid cars and recycled toilet paper. By the way, recycled is not a word I want to […]

Mealybug, You Put The Leaf Roll Into My Vine

Learn About Grapevine Diseases Only someone fascinated by the music genre of the 1980s would even remotely gather what song I parodied in the title of this post, but after doing the piece on Phylloxera last time I decided to take a moment to reflect on other vine nuisances that can cripple a vineyard and […]

The Rooting Out Of Phylloxera

Learn About The Origin Of Phylloxera Remember the tale of Phylloxera and the three grapevine roots? Yes you do: Phylloxera came over and ate everything in their house but nothing satisfied her, so she ate the three grapevine roots. Then she and her parasitic horde devoured the rest of Europe’s and the world’s grapevine roots […]

Anatomy Of A Grape Vine

Learn about Vitis vinifera: The Anatomy Of A Grape Vine The common grape vine has been dated to be about 200 million years old and has been noted in the annals of history from the time of cave drawings depicting the great wine parties of the Neolithic era to The Epic of Gilgamesh in Ancient […]

It Was An Act Of Terroir!

Learn About Terroir Have you ever wondered if Jesus attracted such a large following because of his ability to turn water into wine? How good could the wine have been? Water doesn’t have much body. What percentage alcohol do you think it had? Do you think he had a preference of terroir in mind when […]

Learn About Wine

Wine Attributes So you already learn about wine enough to know that wine is made from fermented grape juice and if you didn’t, you do now. To get to the point where grape juice turns into alcohol might stump you, so let’s look at a few key attributes that determine the structure of a wine. […]