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Alcohol In Wine

alcohol content wine

Photo Credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times When in conversation about wine, often “body” is mentioned. If you go to a wine tasting, noting the body of a wine is common practice. But what is meant by body when referring to a wine? Well, simply put, it’s how a wine feels in your mouth. When […]

Where To Buy Empty Wine Bottles

empty wine bottles wholesale

Photo Credit: unknown There are several readers of Wine Press Blogger who are into home winemaking and very often I receive the same question in emails: Where can I buy empty wine bottles? So, I did some research and discovered a few places. I presume you already know how many you need. If not, figure […]

Sugar In Wine

sugar in wine

There is one simple equation in life that every wine lover must know: without sugar there is no alcohol. As previously mentioned in several posts, it takes sugar to make the alcohol that so many of us love and quite possibly live for. And thankfully wine grapes have plenty of it. The sugar in wine […]

Acids In Wine

Fermentation tanks where acids in wine are produced.

Six acids make up the primary acids used in the wine making process. They have a direct influence on the taste, color and acidity level of the resulting wine. Three of the acids in wine are found within the grapes themselves and three come from the yeasts most often used during fermentation. In the grape […]

Wine Making Kits For Beginners

A popular kit from Strange Brew Wine making kits are the best way for you to get a head start in wine making. You won’t have to worry about missing any essentials when you’re in the middle of the process, as everything you need comes with the kit. The easiest part of the whole thing […]

Madeira Wine Production

Continuing down the road of fortified wine production I wanted to go over Madeira wine production in this post. You don’t really see much info on Madeira but it is a fine fortified wine when you’re not staring any of the various bottles of cheap cooking wine. If you’d like to read about the various […]

Port Wine Production Part 2

port wine casks

Cont’d from Port Wine Production Part 1 Port wine traditionally matures in casks called pipes between one and two winter seasons in the wineries of the Douro. It then goes to the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, whose humid air is perfect for aging and maturing wines and causes very little to evaporate. While […]

Port Wine Production Part 1

port wine

Now that the production of Sherry has had time to sink in I want to go into Port wine production. But, in case you missed it, you can click the link for Sherry Production Part 1, which discusses the types of grapes used to make Sherry, how the grapes are crushed and what goes into […]

Sherry Production Part 2

cont’d from Sherry Production Part 1. Let’s move right in to the classification of Sherry and fortification. Once the juice has fermented, tasters come in to classify the Sherry as either Fino or Oloroso. If one or two lots cannot be determined they are marked mosto sobretablas which means undecided. These wines are left to […]

Sherry Production Part 1

Sherry Production will be our first discussion in our series learn about fortified wines. I’ve already covered the different styles of Sherry, so if you would like more information on that you can read my post entitled Jerez My Sherry Wine. Sherry wine is a fortified wine that was brought to the port of Cádiz […]