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Wine Press Residue, Marc And Pomace

wine press residue or pomace

Photo Credit: After first pressing, the remaining wine press residue left over undergoes a few more forced pressings. This wine residue is also referred to as the marc or pomace. Marc is the French term. It is comprised of all the skins, pulp, pip, seeds, stems, yeast and juice that is left over after […]

Marsala Wine Production

Marsala Wine

There isn’t really much to be said for the production of Marsala wines so this will be a short discussion on the subject. Alternatively, you can learn about wine made in Marsala, Sicily in my post Marsala Wine: Captialism’s Bastard Child. One reason there’s not a big hoopla about it is because it was a […]

Marsala Wine: Capitalism’s Bastard Child

Learn About Marsala Wine As with all the fortified wines we have discussed thus far, Marsala is no different in having been blended with grape spirits to preserve it on long sea voyages. That tradition was already long established with Port, Madeira and Sherry. But it wasn’t until 1773 that Marsala was picked up on […]

Jerez My Sherry Wine?

Learn About Sherry Wine I’m no historian and Sherry’s history is as rich as time itself, so I won’t go into the back-story of Sherry wine, but let’s just say it was brought to the southwest corner of Andalusia, Spain in the little triangle of earth called the Jerez Region via the Spanish seaport of […]

Madeira Wine: A Drink To Independence

Learn About Madeira Wine Benjamin Franklin once said, “If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun.” He was probably drinking his favorite wine, Madeira, when he said it. And then he got all of his friends to drink Madeira to toast the signing of the Declaration of Independence. That was a good trick. […]

Port Wine: To Ruby Or Not To Ruby

Learn About Port Wine You might wonder if the Portuguese knew what they were doing when they made Port wine. First of all it can be made from about eighty different varieties of wine grapes, though there are only five that are considered to make the best Port. Whichever grapes are used, they can come […]

Fortified Wines, Pickled Homosapiens

Learn About Fortified Wines Back in the day, before FedX or Brown or mail, when someone in say, England, wanted a wine from say, Portugal, because the English were at war with oh let’s say, France, the wine had to be shipped via ocean vessel. Needless to say it was a long journey for a […]