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How Is Alcohol Free Wine Made?

dealcoholized wine by E & K Winery

Photo Credit: E&K Winery So, how is alcohol free wine made if there’s no fermentation stage or aging or residual sugar and all that mess? Well, actually there is all that mess. Non alcoholic wine goes through all the processes of normal winemaking, but then goes through a reverse distilling process. When you distill liquor […]

How Are Wine Prices Determined?

how is wine priced?

Photo Credit: Reuters/Regis Duvignau Have you ever wondered what goes into pricing wine? How can one bottle of wine be as much as $100 USD or more and another only $5? How are wine prices determined? It’s a simple question that one would expect a simple answer to, but there are many factors in the […]

Easy Solutions For Red Wine Stain Removal

stain removal red wine

Photo Credit: Channel 4 website It happens to all of us oenophiles and newbies alike eventually: the red wine spill. Whether you are at a party, a restaurant or in your own home, it’s bound to happen. To parody a favorite movie line of mine: On a long enough time-line the chance for a spill […]

Need To Remove Red Wine From Carpet?

A rapid reaction is probably the most vital aspect to remove red wine from carpet. That means move your ass. The quicker the spill is tended to, the higher the chance will be of removing the wine stain completely. The first step in removing red wine from carpet is to extract as much of the […]

Interested In Making A Sommelier Salary?

becoming a master sommelier

photo credit: public domain There’s a level of prestige and glamor surrounding a wine Sommelier and I’m sure there are several out there curious about an education in wine and what it entails. So I’ve compiled some information on what it takes to earn a Sommelier salary and be one of the two hundred recognized […]