Other Off-Odors In Wine

Wine Faults: Every Other Stinky Wine Odor Here is the last installation on wine faults: off-odors in wine. I’m going to go into the remaining wine odors to look for but in case you missed the others posts you can find them here: Learn About Wine Faults Bacterial off-odors in wine When it comes to wine faults, speedy and accurate identification of is advantageous for both winemakers and consumers alike. For the winemaker simple actions can often correct the problem before the must hits the fan and the wine fault becomes irreversible. For the wine consumer, it’s a much simpler matter of returning the faulted bottle. If you’ve followed my previous post you know how your senses understand wine so it’s probably no surprise that smell is the most important tool to detect wine faults, with taste coming in second. The primary wine off-odors, sulfur compounds and bacterial agents are fairly easy to pick out. So now we’re going to learn about wine odors that don’t really have categories. We’ll just call them “other off-odors in wine” for simplicity’s sake. Aldehydic / Oxidized Wines Have you ever had a wine that tasted nutty? Sherries have a familiar nuttiness to them; [...]