China Wine Industry Competes For World Recognition, Starting With Dynasty Merlot

Photo Credit: Kin Cheung/AP Since China was recognized as the 8th largest wine market globally, it has sped forward to compete internationally with the other top markets. Dynasty Fine Wine Group Ltd leads the way with more than 30 years under their belt in wine making and distribution. And their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. One of the world’s most renowned winemakers, France’s Michel Rolland, has deemed the Dynasty Merlot one of the most recommended red wines from China to date.

China Wine Market Hits 8th Place Amongst The World’s Wine Hubs

The China wine market has become the eight largest in the world, promising to contend with the top markets of Italy and France within 50 years. Currently, China is the sixth largest producer, while France is line in for first place for production, presumingly overtaking 2009 leader, Italy.1