Interested In Making A Sommelier Salary?

photo credit: public domain There’s a level of prestige and glamor surrounding a wine Sommelier and I’m sure there are several out there curious about an education in wine and what it entails. So I’ve compiled some information on what it takes to earn a Sommelier salary and be one of the two hundred recognized Masters in the world. How Do You Become A Sommelier? Well, the certification has only existed since 1953 with the Institute of Masters of Wine in England being the first to implement their Master Sommelier (MS) program and with the renowned Court of Master Sommeliers introducing their Master of Wine (MW) course in 1977. Both titles hold equal prestige, but there are some differences among the two. Obtaining a Master of Wine degree involves more of the academics behind learning about wine, while a Master Sommelier title involves academics and hands-on experience, meaning restaurant experience, handling wine, your existing wine knowledge. Attending the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) program begins with the Introductory course. It’s a 2-day wine seminar that encompasses vineyards around the world, viticultural practices, winemaking and winemaking techniques, appellations and their regulations, food and wine pairing, cigar and wine pairing, wine service [...]