Port Wine: To Ruby Or Not To Ruby

Learn About Port Wine You might wonder if the Portuguese knew what they were doing when they made Port wine. First of all it can be made from about eighty different varieties of wine grapes, though there are only five that are considered to make the best Port. Whichever grapes are used, they can come from different vineyards and then to make it more convoluted, they can come from different vintages. And after all that you’ve still got to make a choice among White Port, Ruby Port, Tawny Port, Aged Tawny Port, Vintage Character Port, Late Bottled Vintage Port, Traditional Late Bottled Vintage Port, Vintage Port, Single Quinta Vintage Port, Crushed Port and Garrafeira Port, all in all about ten styles. Dump a little Brandy in it and viola, you’ve got a full-blown, made in the demarcated Douro region of Portugal, officially a really, really real Port. When I say real Port I mean real Port as in true Port, like how true Champagne is made in France and everything else is called sparkling wine. Anything else labeled Port is port-like in style, like American Port. The final result, however, is an alcohol fueled fruit bomb of rich penetrating viscosity [...]