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How To Make Sangria With Red Wine

Photo Credit: Divya Thakur on FlickrRemember your freshman year in college when you'd crash the fraternity parties and there'd always be one of those large plastic garbage cans full of red wine with chunks of fruit floating in it? That little sting … [Read more]

Red Wine For Beginners

Picture by: Ian Britton - FreeFoto.comIf you've ever wondered about the fascination people have with red wine, it's kind of like someone's fascination with cigars or food. It's a luxury item that quickly develops into a love of and an appreciation … [Read more]

What Are New World Wines?

photo credit: unknownWhen someone says a wine is New World or mentions New World wines, they are talking about wines that come from non-traditional wine regions of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. The traditional areas are Austria, France, … [Read more]

Alcohol In Wine

Photo Credit: Tony Cenicola/The New York TimesWhen in conversation about wine, often "body" is mentioned. If you go to a wine tasting, noting the body of a wine is common practice. But what is meant by body when referring to a wine? Well, simply put, … [Read more]

China Wine Industry Competes For World Recognition, Starting With Dynasty Merlot

Photo Credit: Kin Cheung/APSince China was recognized as the 8th largest wine market globally, it has sped forward to compete internationally with the other top markets. Dynasty Fine Wine Group Ltd leads the way with more than 30 years under their … [Read more]

Wine Press Residue, Marc And Pomace

Photo Credit: http://lagar.wordpress.comAfter first pressing, the remaining wine press residue left over undergoes a few more forced pressings. This wine residue is also referred to as the marc or pomace. Marc is the French term. It is comprised of … [Read more]

The Wine Industry Aims To Reuse Wine Bottles: Another Step In Lowering Emissions

Photo Credit: Wine Bottle RenewEarlier this week, New Zealand’s Mobius wines announced they are taking steps to cite their carbon footprint on the wine market by advertising it on their labels, giving the consumer a more informed choice in their wine … [Read more]

How Is Alcohol Free Wine Made?

Photo Credit: E&K WinerySo, how is alcohol free wine made if there’s no fermentation stage or aging or residual sugar and all that mess? Well, actually there is all that mess. Non alcoholic wine goes through all the processes of normal winemaking, … [Read more]

New Zealand Wine Mobius First To Display Carbon Emissions On Bottle

Photo Credit: Mobius winery, New ZealandThe guys over at the New Zealand Wine Company (NZWC) have come up with the novel idea of branding their Mobius Sauvignon Blanc with the carbon footprint each glass of wine leaves on the world. This milestone in … [Read more]

The New Pocket Wine App For The iPhone Opens The World Of Wine To A Whole New Audience

Image credit: Wine ParadigmGreat news for iPhone junkies! The Pocket Wine phone app by Wine Paradigm, has just been released to help you learn about wine. It is packed with wine definitions and a prolific taste profile feature that helps you find the … [Read more]