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The New Pocket Wine App For The iPhone Opens The World Of Wine To A Whole New Audience

Image credit: Wine Paradigm

Great news for iPhone junkies! The Pocket Wine phone app by Wine Paradigm, has just been released to help you learn about wine. It is packed with wine definitions and a prolific taste profile feature that helps you find the wine that most appeals to your senses. It would seem there is no wine or wine grape left untouched in this amazing app. It claims profiles on all major grape varieties, including blends. Check it out at

It could be the first wine app of its kind that lets users find their own preference in taste. The app lists a percentage preference for each wine style and allows the user to find matches based on his score. This enables app users to explore wine in a whole new way and can open them up to wines they might not otherwise venture to try. Profile your friends and loved ones on the same app and make wine gift purchasing easy.

The remarkable aspect to this iPhone app is how each wine grape has been given an extensive profile, including popular growing regions for the variety and it allows you to keep a wine journal of sorts for names of wines that you like, as well as tasting notes for each.

You won’t have to worry about which wine goes with what dinner anymore either. The Pocket Wine app has a Do and Don’t section for pairing food and wine, complete with advice and food examples for all major grapes and blends.

It contains all original content and has been specifically written for the app’s features. There are no endorsements by the big brands, which means no advertising and there is no need for an internet connection, so it can be used any time anywhere.

The CEO of Wine Paradigm, Mike Finegan says he is a wine aficionado of sorts and believes that everyone should have the chance to learn about wine, at their own speed, which is a lot of what we feel here at Wine Press Blogger. Pocket Wine helps people get started in an easy to follow application. He says, “…because wine is a gift that keeps on giving.” And so does the Wine Pocket app.

The most accessible use for a beginner with the Wine Pocket is at the dinner table of your favorite restaurant. It gives the essentials in an easy to read format so you aren’t spending lots of time trying to sift through unimportant information. If you are interested in purchasing Pocket Wine, it’s cheap: $3.99 at the app store. Check it out.

Update: Pocket Wine v1.2

*Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 3.0 or later.

• 20 new grape varieties have been added – there are now over 70 grape varieties and blends on the app.
• A “Search Bar” has been added at the top of the Grape Index screen. This will enable users to search all content on the grape varieties, including the descriptions, regional information and food pairing.
• Users will now be able to “Share” their taste profiles on Facebook. I think this is a particularly important new feature as it integrates the app with Facebook and enables users to discuss their profile with family and friends.
• A new “Place and Grape” section has been added to the More tab. The reason for this addition is that, as you know, many European wines are named after places and do not tell you the name of the grape variety from which the wine is made. Examples would be Sancerre – Sauvignon Blanc (Unoaked) – or Chablis – Chardonnay (Unoaked). Users will be able to look up these wines in the Place and Grape section to identify the grape variety and the style of the wine or alternatively they can type the name into the Search Bar in the Grapes tab.
• The Glossary, which was written specifically for the app, has been revised and extended making it more comprehensive.
• Links to Pocket Wine on Facebook and Twitter have also been added to the More tab.

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