Wholesale Wine Glasses: The Best Laid Plan For A Large Wine Tasting Event

I threw a wine tasting party this New Year’s Eve and one thing I realized too late was that I didn’t have enough of the appropriate glasses for my guests. In fact, I didn’t have enough glasses period. Now, I’m not one that puts a lot of emphasis on proper wine tasting etiquette. It’s my thought that as long as you enjoy the wine, the glass doesn’t really matter. But there are people in my circle that do hold to tradition; so next time, my friends, I will take your advice and look into purchasing wholesale wine glasses at bulk. Please don’t mind the plastic, though.

If you are not into serving wine in plastic wine glasses, you can find the right kind of glasses at an affordable price. One caveat to remember is that wine glasses are one of those items that when made cheaply, break easily. So, before you go for the cheapest wholesale wine glass set you come across, take note of the quality. If the bulb is thin or the glass as a whole is very lightweight, it’s going to break easily. You also want to make sure your wine glass isn’t top heavy and that the base is wide enough so that it won’t tip when filled.

The best durable wine glasses wholesale that I’ve found are by Libbie:

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This is a good deal for the price. It’s a case of 12, 21oz wine glasses for around $70 or so. They are big to say the least. You might not want them this big, but I like big. Big makes me feel like I’m drinking something worthwhile, even if I’m enjoying a $5 bottle of Cabernet. If you want to go smaller, then these might work:

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These are smaller at 11oz and about ten dollars cheaper for a set of 12. Again, they are made by Libbie. So those are two wine tasting bargains for glasses that you really can’t go wrong with. The thing I like about Libbie is that they are restaurant quality wine glasses. This means they are durable and affordable. You can take your chances at places like Target or other retailers, but for one, you won’t get them wholesale and two, you’ll be overcharged for the retail price anyway. And if you want to pay a lot of money for a wine glass wholesale is the way to go because you can get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

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Now, I say that I like Libbie glasses, but that’s because I don’t mind spending a little more for quality. That and because I would never need more than a couple dozen anyway. But for those of you who need more than 24 glasses but want to keep your budget small, I suggest a long trusted source of wine glasses on the cheap by Luminarc. You can get a set of 12 10 oz glasses for around twenty dollars. That’s 60 glasses for $100. Here’s a link with the image:

Still not cheap enough? Okay, here’s the plastic:

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These are 10 oz plastic wine glasses wholesale at $5 per four-pack. That’s 80 glasses for $100. I would get these. They are unbreakable and can go in your dishwasher for reuse. The downside to plastic wine glasses is that they don’t keep temperature very well, so if you are serving white wine, it will get warmer faster. But if you need 80 glasses I’m certain your crowd isn’t sipping and savoring the wine.

Aside from the sources I’ve mentioned, you can also find more wholesale wine glasses at the following online stores:

1. Amazon.com
2. Overstock.com
3. Reidel.com
4. Restockit.com
5. Wineglasswholesalers.com
6. Dollartree.com

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