Wine Tasting Bargains

Photo Credit: Getty Images You can find great wine tasting bargains including glasses, napkins, spit buckets and other accessories whether you have the budget for a corporate wine tasting or you are hosting a wine tasting party in your home for a few friends and guests. All it takes is a little know-how to know where to look. Even cheap wines can be used, or rather, wines under $10 per bottle. Tasting involves more the how-to than the actual wine you are tasting, in my opinion. Free wine tastings are set up this way. For tasting flights of wine or expensive bottles you can expect a nice fee to attend. These are usually held at wineries or private events. So let’s look at some ways to get around expensive wine tasting events and work with a small budget. Your home is the perfect setting for a wine tasting for beginners, if you don’t mind playing the host. Otherwise, your local wine shop may be willing to host one for you. The basic things you will need: a wine tasting table ($26.00), preferably a folding table if you have one or you can buy one for less than $30, which is [...]