Sprechen Zie German Wine Label?

Learn How To Read A German Wine Label Oh boy. There is a reason I left how to read a German wine label as the last part of this How To Read Old World Wine Labels series. Unlike French wine labels and Italian wine labels, the German wine label has everything on it from producer to what color underwear the winemaker was wearing at the time of bottling. Where info stops on the front label, it picks up on the back and you almost need two bottles to fit it all. Not that I have a problem with needing two bottles, but let’s see, there’s producer, region, village, vineyard, grape variety, level of ripeness, level of sweetness and as if it matters at that point, vintage. P.S. it does matter. By the way, if you missed the start of this series or any of the other Old World wine label posts you can find them here: How to read Old World wine labels How to read a French wine label How to read an Italian wine label Do you like pyramids? Because I have another one for you. This one is called the German Wine Quality Pyramid. It looks like [...]