Need To Remove Red Wine From Carpet?

A rapid reaction is probably the most vital aspect to remove red wine from carpet. That means move your ass. The quicker the spill is tended to, the higher the chance will be of removing the wine stain completely. The first step in removing red wine from carpet is to extract as much of the wine as possible. Paper towels are helpful in removing the excess wine, but a shop vac works best. The shop vac should be positioned over the spill and the vacuum will do it’s job. For those using paper towels, place a several towels on top of the spill and apply pressure. The paper towels should stay put for about 20 minutes or until fully soaked and replaced with a fresh stack if necessary, until the area is almost dry. When most of the liquid has been absorbed, the stain treatment can begin. There are several options to choose when trying to remove the stain. One way to remove it, surprisingly, is with more wine. Not red wine, but white wine. White wine dilutes the color of the stain. White wine can be used to extract the wine as well. The spill area can be doused [...]