The Wine Industry Aims To Reuse Wine Bottles: Another Step In Lowering Emissions

Photo Credit: Wine Bottle Renew Earlier this week, New Zealand’s Mobius wines announced they are taking steps to cite their carbon footprint on the wine market by advertising it on their labels, giving the consumer a more informed choice in their wine picks. Now, A whole new take on lessening the wine industry’s carbon footprint: Reusing wine bottles. As we develop better technologies in the green movement we begin to see the outright advantages of some techniques over others. One of those is the practice of reuse over recycle. Reuse has a clear advantage of recycle: reusing wine bottles produces less than 5% of the emissions that production of the bottles creates. Wine Bottle Renew CEO Bruce Stephens says about 60% of the carbon footprint created by the wine industry happens in the production of bottles. Under his company, washing a wine bottle for reuse reduces the footprint by up to 95%.