Jerez My Sherry Wine?

Learn About Sherry Wine I’m no historian and Sherry’s history is as rich as time itself, so I won’t go into the back-story of Sherry wine, but let’s just say it was brought to the southwest corner of Andalusia, Spain in the little triangle of earth called the Jerez Region via the Spanish seaport of Cádiz by the Phoenicians in 1100B.C. Let’s also say that it too is a fortified wine like Port and Madeira with a thriving history in the eighteenth century after a turbulent run in the 16th and 17th centuries. Then let’s say in Spain, Sherry is called Jerez and in France it’s called Xérès, the English coined the term Sherry and in America it’s called Get That Old Lady Drink Away From Me. But that’s a misnomer unworthy of such a great wine wrought with the history of Spanish machismo, of bullfights and the voyage of Christopher Columbus. In fact, Sherry was the first European wine drunk in America. To see the landscape that produces Sherry one would immediately think of the moon, barren, eerie and white as long as the eye can see. The long, chalky earth triangle stretching from the cities of Jerez de [...]