Getting The Right Wine Tasting Invitation Wording Down

I’ve written a lot about hosting a wine tasting party, about the supplies you need to have and where to find good bargains, I’ve touched on themes and different styles of wine tastings, I’ve even designed a wine tasting template for you to download and have fun with; so now I’d like to go into invitations. If you’re going to throw a wine tasting event, you need invitations. Of course, you can buy them at bulk and save yourself some time, but if you are like me, a perfectionist, then you might want to make them yourself, which means you’ll want to know the right wine tasting invitation wording for your cards. If you just want to get it over with and you don’t care about making the invitations yourself, here are some good examples you can purchase right now. Click to enlarge them (this will take you to the details page): Check out more of‘s invitations. For everyone else, this shouldn’t really be difficult. But if you are having a rough time coming up with ideas, let’s walk through it. What kind of event will it be, a wine tasting dinner or a regular event with note cards [...]