The Wine Tasting Sheet – An Experience In Sight, Smell And Taste

A wine tasting sheet is the best way to keep track of the many wines that a consumer may enjoy on a wine tour or during a wine tasting party. It is a good idea to record each of the particular ratings in the basic areas of interest such as appearance, aroma and taste. By utilizing the natural senses of sight, smell and taste, any wine can be evaluated. When a consumer is a budding connoisseur of wine it is helpful to know which wine they like best and which ones they do not. By writing down the result on wine tasting score sheets, you will never have to try to remember in the future, if a wine was well loved or unloved. Wine can be finicky and pairing food with wine can be even more frustrating. It is good to learn which wine to serve with red meats, chicken or fish; even desserts have their own wine. An entrée can be greatly enhanced by selecting and serving just the right wine. The problem arises, however, in keeping a good memory of which wines were served and how well they blended with or enriched the meal. By keeping a wine [...]