8 Great Wine Tasting Themes

Photo Credit: unknown At the risk of sounding puerile, wine tasting themes can provide a little excitement to an otherwise dull event. While you certainly can entertain your guests with a variety of wine tasting party ideas like pin the wine cask on the winery, that’s not exactly the kind of party theme I was referring to. There are different variations of wine tastings a host can execute that will keep your guest fixed on the event and help them learn about wine at the same time. So let’s look at a few possible ideas and perhaps you will comment with your own ideas to share with others. The thing about wine tasting for beginners especially is that the event can be intimidating. They don’t know what to do, they aren’t aware of any kind of etiquette, which is perfectly fine and expected. You, as the host, will have to carry them through the event by the hand. By making a wine theme for the tasting, you are taking away from the stuffy intellectual expectations, the stigmas associated with how a wine tasting is perceived. This helps the beginner learn wine regions and varietals quicker, because it’s fun. Also, as [...]