Pewter Champagne Flutes: Decadence And Sophistication In One

pewter Champagne flute at Amazon

For the folks who can’t have their Champagne without a little decadence on the side, pewter champagne flutes are probably the most decadent way to go. You can go for the champagne flute made entirely of pewter, but two classier looks would be either a flute with a pewter stem or one that has some sort of pewter emblem on the glass.

I would opt for either of the latter to be honest, because fully pewter toasting flutes make me feel like I should be slobbering over a greasy mutton chop in a dark feasting chamber during the Middle Ages, laughing heartily while people die of the plague outside the castle walls.

For those who don’t know what a Champagne flute is, it’s the slender glass about 6 to 10 inches tall made up of a bulb to hold the Champagne or other sparkling wine and a stem on which the bulb rests. You can also call this simply a Champagne glass. You’ve seen them, you know what they are. Now you know what they are called. The reason the glass is so narrow is that it keeps the carbonation of the wine from dissipating to quickly so that you can enjoy sipping it with it losing its effervescence.

As for preference, I like the Champagne flutes with a pewter emblem. Aside from having a certain elegance and sophistication, these could be used for many different occasions. Probably the best would be for weddings. You could use them specifically as crystal toasting flutes with the pewter emblems marking the occasion or to give as gifts to the bride and groom.

All of my friends have already been married or in most cases have already divorced, so for me, I would use these custom Champagne flutes for special occasions with someone. Or I may just keep them on a shelf, exposed like trophy display.

Regardless of how you may use them, I think the one pictured is a fantastic example.

pewter Champagne flute at Amazon

You can look for other brands, including one of the most popular, Waterford champagne flutes and others like Baccarat and Reidel; or you might be able to find some old vintage Champagne glasses in an antique store. You just can’t go wrong with pewter Champagne flutes.

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