4 Great Wine Tasting Party Games

Date April 14, 2010

Not everyone enjoys the stuffiness of a wine tasting. And not every wine tasting has to be stuffy. Sometimes you just want to be able to taste the wine, talk about it with your friends and have a good time. But what about adding wine games to the mix? I’ve found some wine tasting party games I think would make for some good fun if you want to get away from conventional events and host your own private wine tasting with a small group of friends. Enjoy.

1. I found this one on the Wine Spectator Gift Guide. Winerd Wine Trivia and Blind Tasting Board Game. This is perfect for a small group of friends who want to learn about wine through an educational board game. It combines wine trivia with blind wine tasting. The Today Show featured it some time ago and it has been a great hit since.

2. Murder Mystery Party – A Taste for Wine and Murder. This is a great one. Invite six or seven of your friends to take part in a dinner murder mystery. A great time to pair food and wine and while enjoying a little role play. You actually dress up and pretend you are a character in the game. I can see this getting a little out of hand. Fun!

3. Cork Jester’s Wine Teasers Wine Game. This one is a blast, I’ve recently bought this. Basically, it’s a card game about wine. It comes with 50 question cards, 30 wine bottle cards that separate into 6 varieties (the range is white, red, sparkling, rose and dessert), so there are 5 cards to each variety. 4 cards to ask hints and 1 card to get a pronunciation. You have to correctly answer the question cards to get one of each wine cards or loot one from your friends to fill your cellar and win.

4. All You Need Is Wine. This is another blind wine tasting game. It doesn’t matter how much wine knowledge you have, anyone of any level can play this game. In fact, that could be said of all the wine tasting party games I’ve mentioned so far. This game lets you really experience wine tasting basics, or the 5 S’s: sight, swirl, smell, sip and savor. It comes with everything you need: tip sheets, sheets for tasting notes, numbered wine bags, wine tags and pencils. Guests have to guess the wine varietal supplied by you, the host, or you can have each guest bring a bottle.

5. What niche wouldn’t be complete without its own version of Monopoly? That’s right: Wineopoly. This one is played just like the classic, but with a wine theme, of course. You can buy wines on your way around the board, collect grapes and turn them in for decanters. The tax man is still lurking around the corner and you can even be sent to jail (the wine cellar, in this case). Learn about wine in the process with little notes on the back of the cards. Hot Damn!

Those are my picks! Do you have any favorite wine tasting party games?

Also, be sure to get your wine tasting bargains to set up a tasting on the cheap.

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